A new concept of fine-dining in Lisbon

Open kitchen, Surprise menu

Gastronomic experience awarded with 1 MICHELIN * in 2024

2Monkeys restaurant is the first project of Chef Vitor Matos in Lisbon. Here, friendship and creativity merge to offer you an exceptional dining experience in a relaxed setting.

Our unique concept of “fun fine- dining” invites you to dine in the kitchen with our two chefs, Vítor Matos and Guilherme Splak.  They will guide you through a unique secret menu, sharing the inspiration behind each dish.

The Concept

Our central counter allows you to witness our chefs in action exploring their culinary creativity to bring you a full sensory experience designed to showcase the ingredients at their purest. Taking a refined and playful approach to food, in our restaurant 2Monkeys the menu and stories are ever-changing.

The Space

Our elegant and intimate atmosphere will transport you to a nature-inspired environment where you can surround yourself with natural materials, adding an organic feel and authenticity to the space. The monkey symbolizes the values of energy and playfulness. It reminds us to approach each day with enthusiasm and adventure.

Our Offers

At 2Monkeys, you can enjoy an evening of high-level gastronomy that is informal yet sophisticated, and above all, a memorable experience.

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