Our Chefs

Our two chefs bring their similarities and differences to the kitchen, resulting in a modern haute cuisine that is both engaging and personalized.

Consulting Chef: Vítor Matos

Our 3 MICHELIN star Chef
Recognized for his exceptional use of fresh seasonal and regional products, Chef Vítor Matos is responsible for a cuisine that combines tradition and modernity. With a professional career divided between Portugal and Switzerland, our chef has won a total of 3 MICHELIN stars: 2  for Antiqvvm and 1 for 2Monkeys in 2024. He also holds titles such as Chef of the Year 2003 (Edições do Gosto), Chef of the Year 2013 (Prémios Revista Wine), Best Chef of Portugal 2014 (Prémios Arco Atlântico Gastro) and the “Chefs de l’Avenir” award in 2011 from the International Academy of Gastronomy in Paris.

Executive Chef / Resident Chef: Francisco Quintas

The youngest Portuguese Chef to win 1 MICHELIN star
Born in Coimbra, Francisco Quintas describes himself as an “ambitious” young chef with the will to contribute positively to the lives of all those around him.  Following his internship at the starred Aquavit in London, he worked in the kitchens of three Michelin-starred Boury in Belgium and De Librije in Holland before becoming sous chef at Likoke in France. Back in Portugal, he ended up joining the team at Casa da Calçada in Amarante, before travelling to the capital to join Chef Vítor Matos on this new gastronomic journey.